To commercially energize the educational and economic emancipation and growth of Kwara state in particular and Nigeria in general, by providing renewable energy to stimulate entrepreneurial endeavors in education and relevant economic activities of beneficiary communities. 



Build sustainable partnerships of donors, sponsors, Experts, implementers and resources to help stimulate new and creative Entrepreneurs and business people to disrupt the economic activities of Kwarans (and Nigeria at large) for growth that impart positively on the lives of over 1 million people in 10 years.


Our Purpose

We have noticed that due to lack of (or inadequate) electricity and necessary materials, most electrical engineering graduates from our tertiary institutions do not have the practical knowledge to prepare them for labour market or to become entrepreneurs right out of schools; by providing adequate facilities, tools,  materials and highly competent trainers, we seek to imbibe our students with adequate skills to prepare them to be gainfully employed or choose to start their own enterprises in different areas of electrical engineering of their choice.

We also have structured training that will fine tune the skills of non-graduates (School Certificate holders) who may choose to upgrade their knowledge to be able to perform better.